Torwood House School WordPress Website

We designed and built a WordPress website for independent Bristol school, Torwood House

“Love Creative initially worked on some of our marketing collateral, we were impressed with their professionalism and speed and therefore decided to use them to help redesign and update our website. We enjoyed working with Love Creative and found Liam very helpful, he was always quick to help and guide us technically which is very important, if you are not technically minded! I would highly recommend working with Love Creative UK as they provide a quick, responsive and affordable service.”

Suki Ryder. Marketing Manager. Torwood House School & Nursery

Few places have the chance to help children grown and develop as much as schools and nurseries do, so naturally many parents take the time to ensure they pick the best school for their child.

Torwood House Independent School and Nursery offer parents and children a high standard of education and pre-school care in Bristol.

Their website was not reflective of this level of quality though. It had a decent amount of relevant content, but lacked structure and as such was difficult to navigate. It also could not adapt its layout to work on mobile or tablets, which was causing a lot of users on such devices to stop using the site.

They also had a separate website for parents of current pupils, but a lot of the content (such as Term Dates and Fees) was relevant to parents of new pupils too, so a lot of it was being duplicated on to the main site as well. This was causing confusion and required more work to keep everything updated.

We developed a series of wireframes to experiment with the page layouts and structure of the site.

Wireframe designs for the new Torwood House School website

Wireframe designs for the new Torwood House School website

We proposed using WordPress multisite to create three distinct areas of the site, one area for the school, another for the nursery and one to act as a welcome page/hub to allow users to choose the most relevant option for them. Using WordPress multisite allowed us to clearly define each of the site areas, but also share assets between those areas, e.g. contact numbers, images, etc…

A simple menu at the top of both the nursery and school areas allows users to easily switch between the two as well, so the choice made on the hub page is by no means permanent.

Torwood House School Website Hub Menu

The simple menu that allows navigation between the Nursery and School sections of the website.

On the old site, each class within the school had its own page, which each teacher was in charge of. We thought this was a nice idea, but the trouble was that with each teacher adding different things with no guidelines resulted in each page not feeling like it was part of the same site.

Old Class page design

An example of one of the OLD class pages.

To get around this problem, we came up with a list of all the different things that were on the class pages, and designed a flexible template using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin so that each teacher could pick and choose from predesigned modules. This allowed each class page to feature the unique content they wanted while retaining a familiar style and layout to the rest of the site.

Torwood School Class Page visual

An early concept visual for a Class page created using modular content blocks.

Torwood House are delighted with their new site.

School children can learn. Parents can find the information they need. The school can thrive. Everyone is a winner!

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