Christina White Photography WordPress Website

We designed and built a WordPress Website for Professional Photographer, Christina White

They say an image speaks a thousand words, a concept that’s not lost on contemporary art photographer Christina White.

Christina is a member of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS) and was a Teacher of Photography for 15 years. She now run workshops and art projects in the community

She approached Love Creative UK about designing and building her a WordPress website to showcase her work and act as a point of contact. She also wanted to be able to keep people updated on her latest work and news in the form of a blog.

With that set of requirements we quickly decided that WordPress was the best CMS for the job.

We worked with Christina to come up with a design style for the WordPress website that complemented her work. A lot of her photography uses a limited colour palette so the WordPress website mirrors this by using a simple monochrome palette for all of the main elements.

Christina White Photography Website Gallery Page

An Image gallery that Christina can easily update.

Christina is a self described luddite, so we ensured that the site was designed and built in a way that is very simple for her to update. After all, it doesn’t matter how fancy and high tech a website is if the person using it doesn’t know how to use it very well.

The dashboard of Christina's website

The dashboard of Christina’s website

Since her new WordPress website has been live Christina has been busy keeping it updated without any issues. She hasn’t needed our help or assistance so we feel like we’ve succeeded in making a site that’s easy to maintain whatever level your technical knowledge might be.

Key Outcomes

  • We built a site that is easy to use and update
  • The site requires no coding knowledge to edit

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