Logo design For Richard Hathaway Lighting

A logo design focussed on evolution not revolution!

Richard Hathaway Lighting came to us seeking a logo design for his company. After initial discussions with the client it was decided that they wanted something similar to what they already had with the added benefit of making the logo iconic and stand out.

Light bulb moments

Inspiration was from Richard Hathaway Lighting’s original logo and combining thoughts of light bulbs, electricity and shadows cast from light. Exhausted from light bulb moments, it was time to move from paper to screen to bring some of the sketch book creations to life.

Liam's initial ideas for the new logo

Initial concepts


After careful selection the first set of logos emerged in a digital format along with the text to create the initial concepts for Richard Hathaway Lighting’s new logo re-design. Our favourites were number 5 and 7 as it was felt these represented Richard Hathaway Lighting in a traditional yet contemporary way. The idea behind the first set of logos was to use the style of text from the original logo and also add a memorable graphic to make the logo iconic.

Upon further discussions with the client they suggested something more subtle would be required. Revisiting initial sketches for inspiration it was decided to work with a shadow/light beam effect.

Richard Hathaway Lighting logo with shadow effect

Richard Hathaway Lighting logo with shadow effect

Shedding new light

The new designs achieve the iconic feel with the logo but in an indirect way as the client felt the previous designs were too obvious and didn’t represent their company the way they see it. Discussions resumed with the client and it was decided to use the new typography but strip the logo of an icon and include an established date to add credibility.

Liam's final batch of concepts for Richard Hathaway Lighting

The final batch of concepts for Richard Hathaway Lighting

Below is the final logo design. Although it may look like a simple logo design, this process highlights the time and effort it can take to reach this stage of logo development.

Richard Hathaway Lighting new logo

Richard Hathaway Lighting new logo

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