Logo design for Bath Bakery Finest

A quality, retro logo design with a homemade feel

Bath Bakery MD, Mark Slevin came to us seeking a new logo design for Bath Bakery new range of products called BB Finest. The new range is a collaboration between Bath Bakery’s best products and their gluten free range – BATCH #5. After an initial discussion with the client about colour schemes, the message they wanted to convey to their customers and existing branding; we went ahead and mocked up some initial concepts.

Quality, Retro and Homemade

Bath Bakery initial concepts

Our aim with these concepts was to design a logo that had a good quality, retro feel to it with the star reinforcing the quality aspect of their new range. The word ‘finest’ was tried and tested in two very different styles. Our favourite was the script/hand written versions applied with a distressed filter. We felt that it flowed nicely and conveyed a comfortable, reassuring quality that also reflected a homemade, rustic look. The use of green throughout the initial concepts was decided upon to make reference to Bath Bakery’s main logo – we felt that it was important to have some visual connection to the main brand behind this new range.

It was suggested to try to incorporate leaves and a subtle suggestion to Batch #5 in the word ‘finest’ so that it read ‘BB5inest’.

BB Finest leaves concept

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We focus group tested the ‘BB5inest’ idea and discovered that the ‘5’ reference in the word ‘5inest’ was too obscure unless you are familiar with the Batch #5 brand.

With the research in mind, we returned to our original concepts to work out how we could best incorporate the Batch #5 brand in an understandable way.

BB final concepts

Our final set of concepts featured a new strap line to drive home the link between Bath Bakery and Batch #5. We also added a symbol to help support the idea of finest by playing around with a star, crown and a shape that could be either interpreted as a slice of bread or a bakers hat. Our favourites were the two featuring the “bakers hat” as we thought it was a good reference to the industry that Bath Bakery work in.

The final logo features the “bakers hat” with #5 (reference to Batch #5)

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