Dickies Workwear A4 and A5 Catalogue Designs and Production

This portfolio includes A4 and A5 catalogues designed for Dickies Workwear

“I have worked with Love Creative UK for approximately 4 years, and have always found them to be a very professional design agency, extremely reliable and responsive to last minute requests. The team is very friendly & courteous, with a wealth of experience that is evident right from the start when discussing initial concepts, through to the final stages of a project”.

Steve Guilford. Brand Manager Williamson-Dickie Europe Ltd.

After having Dickies Workwear as a client for several years, we had worked on various print jobs but we had never been asked to produce their flagship product catalogue. Having recently secured a large chunk of their European online and website activity we were very happy to be invited to produce some concept visuals for the catalogue. To our delight we won the business. This was to be by far our largest print, graphic design job to date. The catalogue design itself is 200 pages.

Dickies Workwear 2013 A4 Catalogue

Dickies Workwear 2013 A4 Catalogue

However, the real reason it was our largest print/design job to date was that we needed to produce it in 4 other languages. As well as English, we delivered French, German, Italian and Dutch versions. We designed the A4 catalogue universally for all languages enabling us make just a black plate change for each language. Quite a tricky task when you have some English words that when translated double in character length!

The A5 Version

Hot on the delivery heels of the A4 2013 Dickies catalogue we were also tasked with designing the 2013 Dickies A5 catalogue.

Dickies A5

Dickies Workwear 2013 A5 Catalogue

Unlike before when we worked on the 2009 version, we had the pleasure this time of designing the flagship A4 version. So this time we were familiar with the concept and structure it had to adhere to. The only real difference (big difference really) was that this version had to be rolled out in 6 languages! English, German, Hungarian, French, Italian and Dutch. Sounds like a big job – it was, but again we managed to design the catalogue within a structure that allowed us to make just black plate changes throughout to accommodate the various languages.

2014 Dickies Catalogue Design

This projectroject started in the summer of 2013. Which didn’t really seem that long after the delivery of the 2013 product catalogue. Once again we were tasked with art directing the photography (a few pics of the shoot can been seen here and more here!).

2014 Dickies Catalogue

The 2014 Catalogue

Photography took place at a few locations – Merthyr Tydfil – Wales (kind permission of Willmott Dixon), Marshfield – which is just outside Bath (kind permission of MJ Church) and one a little closer to home in Ston Easton on Manor Farm.

The catalogue design consists of 176 pages and was produced in 3 languages (French, German and English). Print was handled by Steve Guliford with photography by Viewpoint Photography.

A4 catalogue page details

A4 catalogue page details

We liaised with the european members of Dickies workwear to ensure the project run smoothly and was kept on its tight schedule. There were a few hairy moments towards the end with the usual ‘few’ last minute changes, but nothing that wasn’t to much for us to sort out!

The catalogue design is A4 in size, and has been closely followed by a smaller A5 version produced in four languages, with Dutch being the fourth language.

We worked closely with Dickies Workwear brand manager throughout all jobs and liased/print managed with the printer making sure the process went smoothly. Local photographers, Viewpoint, took the shots whilst we art directed.

Highlight was receiving the final printed catalogues, a very proud moment for the Love Creative UK team.