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NEW CLIENT – Hillgrove PR

We’ve had a lot of interest over past few months and some of that interest has converted nicely into new clients, one of which is Hillgrove PR. After completing a few adhoc pieces (for Secret Millionaire – Mo Chaudry and Cad & The Dandy) we are pleased to say we have more in the pipeline.

New placeholder page for The Home & Kitchen Store

Fresh out the box, new company – The Home & Kitchen Store have set up shop in Chew Stoke, Bristol and are offering handmade bespoke kitchens and furniture for the home. We’ve put up this landing page up for the time being while we work on the full site – fully coded an designed by… Read more »

Facebook blog integration

Ok, so we have been asked by a client if we can import their site blog into their Facebook fan page. Well we’ve been mucking about with this and I think we have successfully imported ours into our FB page, actually this post is the test to see if this has worked…..

The ultimate client response!

Our Creative Director Rod had been slaving away over a design for one of our regular clients and despite it being almost finished, it was constantly being changed so he kept having to amend his design and then waiting for the inevitable changes the client would send back….however after a rather large re-design he received… Read more »

New Algarve holiday landing page

We have have just finished designing a new landing page and form for AJ interactive. The Algarve holiday form needed to be bright and bold while having elements that stood off the page. Were happy to say that the client was thrilled with what we created!

3D ‘Hyper-Reality’ Monitors!

Apple appears to be researching 3D monitor displays, in which the user will be able to look around an object show on the screen. Apple seems to be proposing that a screen could change the perspective of the 3D objects based on the users’ relative position to their monitor. Said display would detect the user’s… Read more »

A Globally Recognised Avatar

Some of the more observant of our readers may have noticed the little pictures that appear next to the Names of anyone who leaves a response to one of our blog entries. The default picture looks like this However others have custom little images like So how do you make your little avatar appear as… Read more »

Make Fonts look better in Windows XP

The Windows XP operating system often doesn’t have anti-aliasing turned on by default which means font display quality is not as good as it could be. However Microsoft has added the capability for font anti-aliasing (font smoothing) in Windows XP Service Pack 3. This is very easy to do. Just open up regedit (Start->run ->… Read more »

Government issues Internet Explorer security warning!

The Government has ramped up warnings about Microsoft’s web browser Internet Explorer, which has come under attack from hackers. The French and German governments have warned internet users in Europe to avoid Microsoft’s popular web browser and use an alternative like Firefox or Safari. The concern follows revelations that hackers used a crack in Internet… Read more »