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New header background colour

A subtle redesign for our site

A quick writeup highlighting some of the website elements we’ve changed during a subtle redesign of our site. We launched the redesign of the Love Creative UK site almost a year ago, and since then we’ve been very happy with it, but there’s always things that can be improved, and by looking at our website… Read more »

Hacked Website Homepage

Why Update WordPress?

The Importance of why you need to update WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms on the web (it currently powers over 700 million websites). Part of its appeal is that it’s open-source and free! Sadly there are a few disadvantages to this as it means anyone can download a copy of the… Read more »


How much does a website cost?

One of the most common things we get asked is How much does a website cost? It’s one of those questions that clients love asking and designers hate answering. As a client you need to know how much it will cost you to get a website made, but simply asking ‘how much does a website… Read more »


New farm website for Warren farm

James Small from Warren Farm approached us to design and develop him a farm website that could bring together the three different aspects of his business. As well as owning a successful farm comprising of a commercial sheep flock, a herd of cattle and around 380 outdoor breeding sows, James also has a campsite that… Read more »


Showcase of the Best Web Ampersands

One of the great thing about the continued rise and popularity of using web fonts, is the amazing selection that are now available to choose from. However a problem that I often have is being able to find the right choice of type for a project, so when I discovered this wonderful little resource that… Read more »


The Bristol Web Developers Conference 2011

On Friday 21st October, two members of the Love Creative UK staff attended the Bristol Web Developers Conference 2011 (WDC2011) in Bristol. Now there has been a quite a few write-ups of the talks and how the day went already, so instead of simply adding to that noise we’re going to focus on some of… Read more »

SEO Benefits of Stumbleupon!

I first discovered Stumbleupon while at uni, before I knew it I’d been stumbling and discovering new weird and wonderful sites for hours!! Not the best way to try and pass an honours degree but I can kinda make a weak attempt at justifying it after using for a valid reason in work. O.K., I… Read more »