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Get some location based SEO!

If your business relies on local custom then location based SEO is well worth considering. Having a website with good SEO can help your company boost its business and profits. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or web page on search engines search results, such as Google… Read more »

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The Importance of Writing a WordPress Blog Post

Why write a WordPress blog post? We have many clients who come to us asking us to build them a website so they will rank higher on search engines, e.g. Google. There are many ways to rank higher up in search engines but one very good way is to make regular WordPress blog posts. Yes,… Read more »

Responsive website

Go Responsive… Today!

Responsive Websites Definition: A responsive website is a website that adapts its layout according to the screen size that it is being viewed on, as opposed to a traditional fixed width website that is simply shrunk to fit small screen sizes. A well designed responsive website is easier to navigate due to the navigational elements… Read more »

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Pay For A Cheap Website, Pay Twice

PAY CHEAP, PAY TWICE. That’s what they say. We here at Love Creative UK have had many clients come to us with existing websites, asking us to add additional content to them or to fix them. This is something that we are more than happy to do, if the coding of the website will allow… Read more »

New Website for Direct Mailing Fulfilment Specialists

A new website for direct mailing fulfilment specialists: ARC Mailing ARC Mailing came to us looking for a new website for their ever growing business. They appreciated the need for an online identity as their business grows and were very keen in creating a website that reflected their business in a positive light. ARC mailing… Read more »

Macaw web design app

Macaw: Next Generation web development tools?

Macaw – Code Savvy Web Development Tools There’s been many web development tools made during the last few years, many of which aim to let “non-coders” or people who aren’t familiar with code create websites, normally via the use of a visual WYSIWYG editor (colloquially referred to as the Design view) instead of a code… Read more »


Gromits around Bristol!

Bristol has been invaded by Gromits Bristol is notorious for its artistic streak which was shown in 2011 when bright and colourful gorillas ventured into the city and took over city! The project, called Wow! Gorillas, was initiated by Bristol Zoo Gardens, in partnership with Wild in Art. The project’s main aim is to raise… Read more »