Monthly Archives: January 2010

Make Fonts look better in Windows XP

The Windows XP operating system often doesn’t have anti-aliasing turned on by default which means font display quality is not as good as it could be. However Microsoft has added the capability for font anti-aliasing (font smoothing) in Windows XP Service Pack 3. This is very easy to do. Just open up regedit (Start->run ->… Read more »

Government issues Internet Explorer security warning!

The Government has ramped up warnings about Microsoft’s web browser Internet Explorer, which has come under attack from hackers. The French and German governments have warned internet users in Europe to avoid Microsoft’s popular web browser and use an alternative like Firefox or Safari. The concern follows revelations that hackers used a crack in Internet… Read more »

New Website launched for Rivenhall

The new year has seen the launch of a new website for Rivenhall Construction, designed and coded entirely here at Love Creative UK. The client loves it and secretly were pretty proud of it as well!

New addition to our contact page

We are please to announce that our contact page now features a contact form, making it even easier to send us a message. It even lets visitors save their names and emails so they don’t need to fill in these details every time they need to send us a message. Interested in our services or… Read more »